Zipper Repair

Broken zippers can be a real pain. But they don’t need to mean the end of your garment! Here are a few things to consider if a zipper breaks on you:

1. Check with the manufacturer. Columbia Co., for example, has a lifetime guarantee on the zippers in their garments. You probably don’t even need the receipt. They will repair or replace the zipper for just the cost of shipping.

2. If the slider (the part that goes up and down) is broken or missing, I may be able to replace it. If it’s off-track, I can usually get it back on.

3. Some problems I can’t fix:
a) missing teeth, or the zipper coil pulled away from the cloth tape
b) the bar at the bottom frayed or torn away.
In those cases, however, I can just replace the whole zipper.

4. Costs:
a) repair = about $7
b) replace = $1.25/inch + zipper (usually $2-5). For example, replacing a 24″ zipper would cost $32-35.

My contact information can be found on the home page, and don’t forget that I can do home deliveries!

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Fingerworks is now downtown Laramie!

I have a new shop where I can sew for you:  alterations, mending, patches, custom sewing.  Cost depends on the item.  Note:  my shop is upstairs (21 of them!), so if that makes a problem for you, please call me and I can come to your house for pickup and delivery at no extra charge.


I also teach piano lessons at either my office or your house.  Call me for rates. I offer discounts for more than one student in a family.


My hours are most days at my shop, but some days I may be out on delivery or at appointments.  For best results, call and I’ll make sure I am here for you.  Call me also if you need time after 4:00 p.m. or in the evening.

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